In memory of writer Josip Vandot: Kekec, Mojca, Kosobrin.

This is written on the memorial plaque at the writer’s place of birth at Podbreg 27 in Kranjska Gora. Josip Vandot was born in this house on 15 January 1884 and even though he spent most of his life outside of his home town, his stories take place here and in the surrounding area, in the mountain paradise of the Triglav National Park.

Vandot’s trilogy – Kekec on the Hard Path (‘Kekec na hudi poti’), Kekec Above the Lonely Abyss (‘Kekec nad samotnim breznom’) and Kekec on the Wolf’s Trail (‘Kekec na volčji sledi’) remains as eternal as Mount Triglav and read at least as many times as Aljaž’s Tower is visited. It was reprinted several times, translated into foreign languages, and three children’s films were shot based on the stories.

See the permanent exhibition of Vandot’s life and work in the basement of the Liznjek Homestead. Take a walk through the Land of Kekec and meet Vandot’s heroes. Put on Kekec’s shirt and good will with it...


Kekec and Josip Vandot
Kekec and Josip Vandot Kekec and Josip Vandot Kekec and Josip Vandot Kekec