The metal cylinder with a soul...

The priest, mountaineer and composer Jakob Aljaž bought the Kredarica mountain and the top of Triglav mountain in 1895 for only five Austro-Hungarian guldens. At the highest point of the Slovenian territory he built a cylindrical tower from thick zinc-coated sheet steel, which has been constructed according to his plans by Anton Belec, a whitesmith from Šentvid. They carried all the sheet steel parts individually to the top of Triglav and assembled them there.

In 1900, the Aljaž Tower with its top in the form of a cone and the metal flag was declared a cultural monument of national importance. The tower is distinguished as a landscape theme and as an important symbol of Slovenian nationality and all Slovenians.

The Aljaž Tower is one of the most photographed Slovenian cultural attractions.


The Aljaž Tower
The Aljaž Tower The Aljaž Tower Jakob Aljaž’s Monument The Aljaž Tower