Route description

We already know how to reach Rateče, as the route along the former railway which leads us almost to the border is an ideal cycling route. A short kilometre after crossing the border (don’t forget your identification documents even though they rarely ask cyclists to present them), we turn left at the first exit from the main road and cycle until reaching the junction where the signpost directs us to Fusine Lake. We continue towards the next fork, where the left path leads back towards the border but we continue right and straight on through a forest to the village of Scicchizza, where we join the main asphalt road leading to Fusine Lake. We turn left. After a pretty steep rise in the road, we arrive at the first of the lakes from which we descend slightly to the second lake, Mangart. We pass the lodging house and continue along the forest road until reaching a barrier. The barrier forces us to exercise our spine, if we wish to go under it. Otherwise, we just carry our bicycle over the barrier and this is where the most beautiful part of the tour begins. Not that the views up to now have not been beautiful, but this is where the athletic or sporting part of the tour begins. Before that we continue to the junction, where beautifully designed signposts indicate two possible ways to ascend to the Zacchi Cottage. The left possibility is intended for hikers and is the route we will be taking when we descend later on; we will continue straight on, as there is also a path on the right side, which leads to Mangart and is inappropriate for cyclists.

We soon arrive at the concrete incline in the road which lets us know that it is going to be very steep. There are some more concrete sections of the road leading to our final destination, the Zacchi Cottage, because the rushing water can carry away parts of the path during a heavy rainfall. Here we put our physical condition to the test and if we manage to cycle up hill without stopping and getting off the bike, then we are in very good shape. But there is nothing wrong with taking a short rest, since we are here for our pleasure illustrated by the beautiful surrounding of the west rock walls of “our” Ponce.

DISTANCE - 17 km

N 13.77078, E 46.46042

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