Route description

Vršič is our most famous mountain pass which must be conquered at least once by every cyclist. The road built during World War I which connects the Upper Sava Valley with the Trenta Valley, has among cyclists become the symbol for cycling climbs on the side facing the Primorje region, who compare the time in which they climbed the pass. The tour is not explicitly intended for mountain biking since the ascent follows the asphalted road for the entire time and this is something we have to take into consideration while cycling.

From Kranjska Gora the road leads us past the Lek hotel, where we start to measure the time of our ascent, then past Jasna Lake and onward crossing the bridge over the River Pišnica to where there is a turning to Krnica. Here the road gradually begins to climb and the bends become steeper and more frequent. There are 24 bends leading to the top and each climb which doesn’t exceed one hour, is excellent.

Even if we don’t compete against the clock, the trip to the Vršič pass is worth the effort, as beautiful views of the surrounding mountains that we are approaching, open up along the way.

Enthusiasts may also enjoy the ascent to the Poštarski dom mountain hut above the pass where we are led by a steep and sandy path offering even more views. We are only 80 vertical metres away from the summit itself and if not by bike you have to make the effort to enjoy the extra views on foot.

We return back using the same path.

DISTANCE – 11.800 metres

N 13.77078, E 46.46042

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