Route description

The former railway, which led eastwards from Rateče, is now a bike route and takes you from Kranjska Gora to Rateče or on the other side to Jesenice.

The trail is appropriate for family outings and in addition to cyclists it is also used by skateboarders and hikers, so let’s be considerate towards others, as we are the fastest on bikes. This is where many children get to know their first cycling kilometres since the course is gradual, wide, and asphalted.

We start cycling in Kranjska Gora and pass Podkoren on the opposite bank of the River Sava, on the sunny side of the valley, which was formed by glaciers in the past, just as the side valleys. Shortly after passing Podkoren we arrive at the Zelenci nature reserve, where the source of the River Sava Dolinka is located. The name tells us the colour (zelen – green) of the small lake in the swampy ground. Shortly after the Zelenci nature reserve, the valley opens up and the Planica Valley splits to the south, where the well-known ski jumps are located. Just a little more and we will reach Rateče, the last village before the Italian border and one of the coldest places in the country.


STARTING POINT – 810 m above sea level

FINISHING POINT – 866m above sea level

DISTANCE – 5,700 metres

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